Check out the First Hackathon's website or the Second Hackathon's website to see previous winners and what they were like.

The Third
Baltimore Hackathon

The 2014 Baltimore Hackathon is still coming together but it's definitely happening the weekend of Nov 15th. We're always on the look out for volunteers, organizers, and sponsors so if you're interested send an email and let us know!


Build a hardware or software project from idea to prototype in a weekend!

You can participate individually or as a team.


November 14, 15, & 16th of 2014.

Where? Inc
1020 Hull St
Baltimore, MD 21230


Bring the community together and have a good time. And, we'll throw in some prizes as the icing on the cake, too.


The rules are simple. You have a weekend to build a hardware or software project and show it off to the judges.

How do I participate?

Help us organize by sending us an email or just wait till you can register!